"My mother's blood sugar has came down within just one month. Have ordered another one." - Banajit S.

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Actifiber Natural Sugar Control

Rs. 1,200.00
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  • Should I take Actifiber on empty stomach or after meals?

  • Does Actifiber help in relieving constipation?

  • I am overweight and diabetic, can I skip my meals and just take Actifiber?

  • How does Actifiber help in diabetes control?

  • How many times in a day can I take Actifiber?

  • Is Actifiber medicine or food?

  • Is Actifiber a prescription product?

  • Is Actifiber safe to consume?

  • How does Actifiber help in controlling after-meal sugar fluctuations?

  • Will Actifiber work in prediabetes also?

  • Can I stop my medicines/ insulin with regular intake of Actifiber?