ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control

ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control is 100% Plant Origin, Soluble Fiber nutrition that is Clinically Proven to help you manage Blood Sugar, naturally. It also helps control Blood Sugar fluctuations commonly seen after meals. Over a long term, it helps you take control of your health to manage diabetes better.

ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control has Zero Additives & Preservatives and is 100% Sugar Free. It is Easy-to-Consume and can be mixed with any food or beverage you love. It dissolves easily with no taste, odour or colour thus fitting into your regular diet effortlessly.

What Do The Experts Say About ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control?

What The Experts Say About ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control?

“I recommend ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control. Its 100% plant based, has no additives or preservatives. 

ActiFiber is easy to use. You can add it to any food or drink. It dissolves easily and does not have any colour, taste or odour. So make ActiFiber a part of your daily diet, to take better control of diabetes.”

Tina Sapra 
Eminent Nutrition Consultant

“ActiFiber is Clinically Proven wheat based Soluble Fiber with No additives, sugar and preservatives. A 100% natural product, it helps in Diabetes Control, Cholesterol Management and Weight Reduction. It has the same goodness of fiber that is available in vegetables and fruits and is absolutely safe to consume. ActiFiber has been approved by the leading health and regulatory bodies worldwide.”

Sarika Chugh
Eminent Heath & Nutrition Consultant

What The Experts Say About ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control? 

What The Experts Say About ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control? 

Take Control of Blood Sugar (Diabetes)
With ActiFiber 

Easy To Consume - Add To Any Food Or Beverage You Love

Easy To Consume - Add To Any Food Or Beverage You Love

ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control dissolves easily with no taste, odour or colour. You won’t even know you have added it to your food or beverage. You can even cook or bake with it.

It is available in convenient single serve sachets. Open a sachet and just mix it to any food or drink. It's Fiber-on-the-go, you can carry a sachet anywhere, at home, work or play.

Recommended Usage : Start with 1 sachet with a glass of water or morning meal. Additional servings can be added with subsequent meals, salads, coffee, tea etc.

Manage Blood Sugar (Diabetes) Better
With ActiFiber 

Health Benefits Approved and Recognized Globally


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