Managing Diabetes with Yoga

Managing Diabetes with Yoga


Diabetes, being a lifestyle disorder, can be managed better by having a well-balanced diet and being physically active. Yoga is one such physical activity that is known to help maintain blood sugar levels.

Yoga is a combination of various postures that has components like strength building, body cleansing, controlled breathing, meditation, relaxation, philosophy, and even spirituality. Hence, it not only benefits the physical health but also the mental health. Practicing yoga daily along with a well-balanced diet would help in an overall well-being[i].

Benefits of yoga for managing diabetes


Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, and hence, it is proven to improve overall quality of life and even manage diabetes. Some of the benefits of yoga that helps in managing diabetes are [ii] [iii]

  • regulation in the eating pattern, thereby, controlling food cravings and managing eating disorders

  • generating self-awareness that helps in mindful eating and inculcating healthy eating habits

  • keeping your body weight under control

  • stimulating insulin production that helps in better glucose utilization and fat redistribution that helps in managing type 2 diabetes

  • helps in building stronger bones and muscles

  • stress reduction

  • reducing risk of diabetes related complications

It is always advisable to practice yoga under the supervision of an experienced yoga practitioner. Practicing yoga with the correct technique is extremely important to reap the benefits.


While yoga helps in managing your blood sugar levels, it is not an alternate to healthy eating. Yoga, along with healthy eating will help you better manage your blood sugar levels. Have a well-balanced diet that is rich in complex carbs, fiber, fats, proteins and essential vitamins and minerals.

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