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Spice of Life – Health Benefits of Fenugreek or Methi

Spice of Life – Health Benefits of Fenugreek or Methi

Fenugreek or ‘Methi’ has been an integral part of Indian dishes for ages. Fenugreek herb is a cornerstone herb in Ayurveda, revered for its numerous health benefits and therapeutic properties. Methi dana, a...
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Intermittent fasting (IF) or periodic fasting has gained significant popularity in recent years as a dietary approach claimed to offer a range of health benefits. From weight loss to improved metabolic health to...
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5 Best Foods for Your Gut Health To Prevent Indigestion

Maintaining gut health is essential for overall well-being. A balanced gut health diet plays a significant role in nurturing a healthy gut microbiome, which in turn supports overall health, prevents indigestion, boosts immunity,...
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