Recurrent Gas or Bloating? Here’s What Experts Recommend.

Bloating or Gas is a condition in which there is a feeling of tightness, pressure or fullness in your stomach. It can be very uncomfortable & painful and a recurring problem.

What are the Common Causes of Gas?

  1. Gassy foods like potato, cabbage, soft drinks, some medications
  2. Sensitivity to certain foods like lactose, fructose and the carbs in wheat and beans
  3. Gut problems like Imbalance of gut bacteria, disorders like IBS & IBD
  4. Improper Digestion leading to a build-up of digestive contents & recurrent constipation
  5. Physical changes like weight gain, hormonal fluctuations especially in women

So, how do you address the problem?

For recurrent Bloating or Gas, minimise the use of short-term remedies like anti-gas medications. For effective, long-term relief, you need to address the problem from the source - eliminate foods that trigger the problem & restore your gut microbiome balance. 

So as a Nutritionist, my 5 recommendations: 

  1. Eliminate Gassy foods that make you feel bloated from your diet
  2. Observe your Food sensitivities carefully: For eg, If Dairy products like milk, butter, and paneer make you feel bloated, you’re probably lactose intolerant. Replace with lactose-free alternatives
  3. Eat Prebiotics & Probiotics to restore your healthy gut bacteria balance. Prebiotic foods include fruits & vegetables, and probiotics, include curd and fermented foods. You can also easily do this by adding a NATURAL GUT HEALTH SUPPLEMENT to your daily diet.
  4. Practice Mindful eating: Eat slowly, chew well and stop before you feel full
  5. Choose a healthier lifestyle: Avoid processed foods, Drink enough water, exercise 

Take care & Remember, A Healthy Gut is a Healthy You.

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