5 Reasons Why Fad Diets Fail to Deliver Real Weight Loss?

Most of us experience yo-yo results as far as fad diets and weight loss is concerned, that is after following extreme diets some weight is lost but comes right back and sometimes you end up gaining more weight than the initial level. And many even face health issues. Let’s find out why such diets fail

Muscle loss instead of fat loss - Restrictive imbalanced diet may lead to muscle loss instead of targeting stubborn fat.

Energy Imbalance – Most diets focus on quick results by calorie restriction which leads to energy imbalance leading to fatigue and neglects other sustainable lifestyle changes like regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Restrictive and Unsustainable: Fad diets involve extreme restrictions on certain food groups or cutting down on calorie intake. While these approaches may lead to short-term weight loss, people often feel deprived and may find it hard to adhere to such diets for long term and end up abandoning the diet.

Leads to deficiencies: Some diets eliminate entire food groups which leads to deficiencies resulting in weakness, vitamin deficiencies, fatigue, dehydration, impaired immunity and other health problems.

Emotional distress: Many develop an unhealthy relationship with food due to guilt, shame and societal pressure. Some even end up developing eating disorders like stress eating and end up gaining more weight.

Instead, consider eating a healthy, balanced diet and add Clinically Proven, 100% Plant Origin ActiFiber Natural Lean and Fit in your diet. It promotes healthy weight loss & fat loss (and not muscle loss), improves waist-to-hip ratio and helps you achieve a Leaner & Fitter Body naturally.

Just add one sachet to a glass of water and consume 30 mins before 2 main meals each day.

Sustainable weight loss is only possible through a holistic approach which includes a nutritious diet, regular physical activity, and positive lifestyle changes.

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