Get Fit, Don't Quit

Get Fit, Don't Quit


Physical activity plays an important role in the prevention and management of diabetes. Physical activity can reduce the glucose in your blood in 2 ways:

First, by enhancing the action of hormones - due to exercise, your muscle cells can easily use available hormones to take up all the glucose from blood.

Second, exercise makes your muscles use glucose. Contraction in your muscles due to exercise enables the cells to take up glucose and use it for energy.

Physical activity not only helps you to keep your blood glucose level in the correct range but also helps in preventing long-term complications, such as heart and kidney diseases and nerve pain.

Other Benefits Of Physical Activities Are:

  • Helps control your body weight
  • Improve your well-being

  • Helps in building stronger bones and muscles

  • Stress management

All forms of exercise whether aerobic (tennis, dancing, jogging/running, walking, basketball, swimming, cycling, jumping rope), yoga or resistance training can help in controlling blood sugar levels. What type of exercise is good for you and for how much time depends on your blood sugar levels, type of diabetes and any associated complications with it. So, it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting any form of exercise.

Your diet plays the most important role in your journey to become Healthy & Fit. Making ActiFiber a part of a healthy diet can help you. ActiFiber is also recommended by Nutritionists because it is 100% Natural, is proven to be Effective by scientific Research & Clinical studies and backed by Safety approvals worldwide. 

Also, unlike most weight loss plans which involve following trendy, fad diets or not having healthy normal meals, ActiFiber delivers best results when combined with normal, healthy meals. It dissolves easily with no taste, odour, or colour. 

ActiFiber Natural Weight Control helps control your hunger pangs, reduces your extra calorie intake, and thus helps you achieve ‘Healthy Weight Reduction that Lasts’. Over the long term, its Prebiotic advantage regulates your appetite and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Losing excess fat deposits is one of the big challenges in our journey to being fit. ActiFiber Natural Lean & Fit is the ‘Inch Loss Expert’ that delivers both Weight loss & Fat loss to help you become Leaner & Fitter. It achieves this by Regulating Appetite Better, Supporting Weight Management, and Reducing Body Fat. Over the long term, it also helps you stay healthy and reduces risk of lifestyle health challenges.

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