Why good gut health is key to sustainable weight loss?

The Gut-Weight Connection: How a healthy gut supports lasting weight loss?

The Gut microbiome is a collection of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, that live in our digestive tract. These microorganisms not only play a vital role in digestion, absorption and immune function but are crucial for successful weight-loss as well.

What is the link between gut microbiome and weight loss

Recent studies have shown that the gut microbiome plays a crucial role in weight regulation. An unhealthy gut microbiome can contribute to weight gain by disrupting metabolism, increasing inflammation, and affecting appetite regulation. Research has shown that people with obesity have a different composition of gut bacteria than people with a healthy weight. The gut bacteria in people with obesity are less diverse and have fewer beneficial bacteria. This can affect metabolism, leading to weight gain. On the other hand, a healthy gut microbiome can help improve digestion and absorption of food, reduce inflammation, help regular bowel movement and hence detoxify, all of which can contribute to weight loss. Beneficial bacteria in the gut can also affect appetite regulation by producing hormones that control hunger and fullness.

How to improve gut health to aid weight loss?

Eat a healthy diet: A diet rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fermented foods can promote a healthy gut microbiome. Prebiotics in fiber feed beneficial bacteria in the gut, while fermented foods such as curds, idly, dosa, dhokla, kanjee, and home-made pickle add probiotics to bring a healthy balance in gut microbiome.

Avoid processed foods: Processed foods are often high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats, diet soda, artificial sweeteners can disrupt (cause dysbiosis) the gut microbiome and contribute to weight gain.

Exercise regularly: Regular exercise can improve gut health by increasing blood flow to the gut and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Manage stress: Chronic stress can disrupt the gut microbiome and contribute to weight gain. Stress management techniques such as meditation, yoga, and deep breathing can help improve gut health.

Get enough sleep: Sleep is essential for gut health and overall wellbeing. Lack of sleep can disrupt the gut microbiome and contribute to weight gain.

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