Why Post meal Walk is important to manage diabetes better?

In diabetics, after eating, blood sugar levels rise more quickly and to higher levels than in people without diabetes. This is called Post-Meal Spike. This is because the body struggles to effectively regulate the influx of glucose from the digestion of carbohydrates. While blood sugar levels start to decrease after a meal in normal individuals, it might take longer to return to baseline in individuals with diabetes. This prolonged elevation can contribute to overall high average blood sugar levels.

The effects of a bout of post-meal high blood glucose do not go away immediately even when blood glucose returns to normal. Each episode of high blood glucose can alter the way certain genes function, resulting in the production of harmful chemicals called free radicals, which cause inflammation and damage the linings of the blood vessels over a period of time.  And hence it is very important to make sure there are minimum fluctuations or a gradual rise and fall in blood sugar.

 A brief walk after a meal causes a gradual rise and fall in blood sugar instead of sharp spikes which is critical for managing diabetes. Walking for 10- or 15-minutes post-meal is a good way to prevent that post-meal spike. When you walk, your muscle’s blood sugar is used for energy, your cells absorb sugar from the blood. Standing is better than sitting or lying down but walking even for few minutes is very crucial for managing diabetes. Research shows that walking for as little as 2 minutes post-meal can help with digestion and lower blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels typically peak within 60 to 90 minutes after eating so the best time to walk is within this window of time.

You can also include a 100% natural, high-fiber supplement like Actifiber Natural Sugar Control in your diet to avoid blood sugar spikes. Adding a sachet of ActiFiber to each of your 2 main meals helps in regulating blood glucose levels and keeps you energized between meals too. It dissolves easily with no taste, odour or colour thus blending into your regular diet effortlessly.


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