Diabetes & Footcare - Tips You Must Know


Over time, high blood glucose levels can damage the nerves that carry the sensation known as "diabetic neuropathy." Because people with neuropathy may lose their ability to sense pain, they are at increased risk for foot injuries; even a minor injury can become serious quickly if it goes unnoticed. Nerve damage can also weaken certain foot muscles and contribute to foot deformities.

If diabetes is not carefully managed, over time it can lead to foot complications. You have an increased risk of developing foot problems if you

  • Have had a foot ulcer in the past
  • Have nerve damage
  • Have any foot deformities
  • Have poor circulation

So, care should be taken in the following ways

Look out for the following symptoms regularly; self-exams are a critical part of managing your diabetes.

  • Broken skin, ulcers, blisters, areas of increased warmth or redness, especially between toes, or changes in callus formation.
  • Wash with lukewarm water and dry gently.
  • Avoid activities that can injure your foot.
  • Choose your footwear carefully, use fresh pair of socks every day.
  • Nails should be trimmed straight across, and avoid cutting too short. You can use a nail file to remove any sharp edges to prevent the toenail from digging into your skin and never cut your cuticles.
  • Regular clinical examination is important to check the blood flow and sensation in your feet, wounds and deformities, decreased or absence of reflexes or decreased ability to sense pressure, vibration, pinpricks, and changes in temperature.
  • Any kind of problem should be treated immediately.
  • Importance of blood sugar management — In general, you can reduce your risk of all diabetes-related complications by keeping your blood sugar levels as close to your target as possible.

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