Know Your Fiber Better

Know Your Fiber Better

Dietary fiber is a plant-based carbohydrate. It is not digested by your body but still it is very important as it plays a vital role in maintaining good health. Foods rich in dietary fiber not only gives you less calories but they also provide micronutrients and phytochemicals that has a beneficial effect on your health.

Some Of The Benefits Of Fiber Are:

  • Improves blood sugar levels

  • Good for healthy digestive system

  • Helps you feel fuller for longer

  • Helps in weight control

  • Lowers the blood pressure

  • Prevents heart problems by reducing the cholesterol and triglycerides value (the bad fat in your blood)

  • Prevents constipation

  • Prevents certain types of cancers like bowel cancer

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommends that the daily diet of an adult should contain at least 40g of dietary fiber (based on 2000 Kcal diet). It is always suggested to meet the recommendations by consuming foods that are rich in fiber.

There Are 2 Types Of Dietary Fiber:

  • Soluble

  • Insoluble

Soluble Fiber


Soluble fiber forms a gel when mixed with water. It helps to slow the emptying process in your stomach as it acts like a filter in the intestines. Thus, slowing the glucose absorption. This helps you to feel fuller, lower the blood cholesterol and stabilise your blood glucose levels.
Some of the foods in which you can find soluble fiber is oat, oat bran, linseeds, barley, fruit (like apples, oranges, blue berries) and vegetables (like cucumbers, carrots, celery), nuts, beans, pulses, soya and lentils.

Insoluble Fiber


Insoluble fiber when eaten acts like little sponges in your intestines. It swells up in water and increases the stool volume. Thus, helps you to regulate the bowel function. It also helps in delaying the glucose absorption from your blood. Some of the good sources of insoluble fiber are wholegrain bread, bran, wholegrain cereals, brown rice, nuts, seeds and the skin of some fruit and vegetables.


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