Make Your Plate Fiber Rich

Make Your Plate Fiber Rich


Eat healthy to live healthy is not just a phrase but it needs to be followed if one wants to stay fit. To live healthy, we should eat balanced nutrition, which not only gives us the required amount of energy, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals but also the right amount of fiber.

Fiber is greatly beneficial to health. It reduces the risk of several chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disorders (heart problems), diabetes (blood sugar), obesity, certain types of cancer (bowel cancer), while supporting digestive health. Foods rich in dietary fiber not only have less calories but also provide micronutrients and phytochemicals that have a beneficial effect on your health.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommends that the daily diet of an adult should contain at least 40g of dietary fiber. To meet this daily requirement, it is recommended that we consume foods that are rich in fiber.

Some Fiber Rich Foods

Cereals (Dietary Fiber (g) per serve of 30g)

  • Barley - 4.62

  • Quinoa - 4.4

  • Bajra – 3.4

  • Wheat flour - 3.4

  • Ragi - 3.3

Pulses (Dietary Fiber (g) per serve of 30g)

  • Bengal gram (Whole) – 7.5

  • Black gram (Whole) – 6.1

  • Red gram (Whole) – 6.8

  • Soya bean (Brown) – 6.4

Vegetables (Dietary Fiber (g) per serve of 100g)

  • Agathi leaves - 8.60

  • Broad beans - 8.63

  • Drumstick leaves - 8.21

  • Fresh peas - 6.32

  • Ladies finger - 4.08

  • Carrot (Red) - 4.49

Fruits (Dietary Fiber (g) per serve of 100g)

  • Sapota - 9.60

  • Guava (White Flesh) - 8.59

  • Avocado - 6.69

  • Pear- 4.48

Nuts and Seeds (Dietary Fiber (g) per serve of 25g)

  • Gingelly seeds (Black) – 4.3

  • Almond – 3.2

  • Pistachio nuts - 2.66

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