• Is Amla a miracle fruit for Diabetics?

    Is Amla a miracle fruit for Diabetics?

    Fresh Amla or Indian gooseberry is one of the popular winter fruits with the myriad of health benefits attributed to the presence of high concentrations of essential nutrients like amino acids, minerals and various phytochemicals.
  • Does Covid-19 cause onset of diabetes?

    Does Covid-19 cause onset of diabetes?

    While it has been widely seen that diabetics are at high risk of severe Covid-19 infection, on the other hand, new onset of diabetes was observed in some of the Covid-19 patients with and without family history.
  • Healthy Snacking with Diabetes

    Healthy Snacking with Diabetes

    India is known as the diabetic capital of the world. Diabetes is a chronic medical condition in which the absence or insufficient production of insulin in the body leads to higher-than-normal levels of glucose in the blood...
  • Fiber Is Good For You

    Fiber Is Good For You

    Dietary fiber is a plant-based carbohydrate that cannot be digested or absorbed by your body. It is 100% safe carbohydrate that gives you a feeling of fullness without 
  • Pre-Diabetes – A Reversible Condition

    Pre-Diabetes – A Reversible Condition

    Prediabetes means not yet diabetic. In this condition your blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough for your doctor to diagnose as diabetes. As such prediabetes generally has no specific signs or symptoms and few blood tests can confirm whether your blood sugar levels are normal, prediabetic or diabetic. However, there are few symptoms which a pre-diabetic might notice: Tiredness...
  • Diabetes Myths and Facts

    Diabetes Myths and Facts

    The misinformation and misinterpretation on diet for diabetics can lead to an unfair belief around the condition. So, it is important to know the facts. Diabetes can be controlled with diet. However, there are many myths related to the diet for diabetics that could be harmful. So, it is your right to know what are the facts vs. the myths. Here are some common...
  • Managing Diabetes with Yoga

    Managing Diabetes with Yoga

    Diabetes, being a lifestyle disorder, can be managed better by having a well-balanced diet and being physically active. Yoga is one such physical activity that is known to help maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Diabetes Control with a Healthy Lifestyle

    Diabetes Control with a Healthy Lifestyle

    India has an alarming number of over 77 million people having Diabetes and this number is expected to rise to over 100 million by 2030. Diabetes, though a big concern, it can be easily managed with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Diabetic care - building immunity in the times of COVID-19

    Diabetic care - building immunity in the times of COVID-19

    COVID-19 is posing a huge challenge for the world and more so for people with pre-existing health conditions like diabetes. How can diabetics take better care during these times?
  • What Is Diabetes?

    What Is Diabetes?

    The food you eat (mainly the carbohydrates) gets converted into glucose (sugar) which gives you energy. A hormone is released by the pancreas (an organ behind the stomach) which allows glucose to enter all the cells of your body.
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